More About Me


Growing up in Boise, Jeff always appreciated the beauty of the Treasure Valley. From the abundance of nature to the exciting social opportunities; he always felt a special connection. That connection is what lead him to move back from San Diego in 2017 after 4 years of working in the fitness industry. “Its hard not to love it here, Boise has always been my home.”

Jeff enjoys an active lifestyle, that fits easily into the atmosphere in Boise from boating and whitewater rafting to bodybuilding, snowboarding, basketball or even just throwing a frisbee in the park. 

He found himself around real estate at an early age watching his mom progress throughout the industry for over two decades. He fondly remembers going out to listings and helping her hand install her own signs with pride.  “I have always had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for my mother, and to be lucky enough to work not only in the same industry but under the same roof is an absolute dream. I’m elated everyday.”

When asked about his philosophy for life Jeff’s reply was simply “Everyday I ask myself: How are you going to enrich the lives of others?” And that is exactly what he embodies with real estate by operating on principles of trust, communication, genuine care and connection.